Gallouj Camal

Camal Gallouj is Professor of Management Sciences at the University of Paris 13 Sorbonne City. He is member of RESER and of several other academic associations including French Marketing Association (AFM) and French HRM association (AGRH). He is also at the board of the RNI (Research Network on Innovation). Camal Gallouj’s field of interests include inno-vation in services, HRM in services, management of services. More recently he has been in-volved in research projects dealing with emerging markets and has published on retailing and tourism in Morocco and North Africa. Camal Gallouj is at the editorial board of 7 journals and associate editor of the European Review of Service Economics and Management. He is the au-thor of more than 50 articles in academic journals and has published or edited 15 books to date. He is also qualified as an academic expert within the French national council for retailing ac-counts.