RESER Founders’ PhD Award


In 2012, RESER was pleased to launch the RESER Founders’ PhD Award to recognize the 2 best PhD papers presented at the annual RESER International Conference. Since that year, this award has been granted, on an annual basis, being each year’s winners announced at the RESER’s annual conference.
Currently, the prize consists of a sum of 500 € for the best one and 300 € for the second one.
This award will be renewed each year.

The object of the award

The main objective of the RESER Founders’ PhD Award is to recognize and reward the academic value of promising young scholars and facilitate the widest diffusion of their research activities within the RESER community and beyond.
This initiative is intended to reinforce the RESER support to young scholars who demonstrate high research skills and strong interests in service-related issues as well as to consolidate the RESER brand internationally (see cognate initiative RESER PhD Mobility Grant).

Conditions for 2024 edition

  • Applicants for a RESER Founders’ PhD Award must be currently enrolled as a PhD student (2023-2024) or have presented his or her dissertation in 2023.
  • The awarded paper will have to be authored only by the PhD student(s).
  • The paper can be written in English or  French language.
  • The paper must go through the regular conference selection process carried out by the scientific committee. After its acceptation, the paper has to be presented at the 2024 RESER conference in Helsinki.
  • The applicant(s) must send a letter from his/her/their supervisor at the moment the application is submitted.

Applications and deadline

Applicants must send the final version of the paper by the 11th of October 2024.
The Award recipients will be contacted directly by the RESER Council and their names will be published on the RESER web page.
The Award recipient is required to properly acknowledge the RESER support on her personal and/or institutional website and on any published and working version of the paper awarded.

Selection criteria

  • The RESER Council will appoint a RESER Founders’ Ph.D. Award Selection Committee composed of council members and external evaluators.
  • The Committee evaluates all the papers submitted and makes its recommendations to the Council.
  • The assessment of the papers is based on the scientific quality, the originality of the research, and the relevance of the field of research.

History: The former winners

2023 Sierre

  • Pericles Jose Pires, PhD candidate in Information Management Business School Federal University of Paraná/Brazil MBA Program for his paper entitled  “Axiological Competence by Higher Students’ Users of AI Generative in Brazil: Qualitative Approach”.

2022 Paris

  • Bianca Weber-Lewerenz, from RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany, for her paper: “The drivers and dynamism of Smart Cities Best Practices implementing innovative technologies for sustainable building life-cycles”.
  • Luciana Oliveira Militão, University of Lille, France and Brasilia University, Brazil, for her paper:  “What is known about multiple actors in the co-production of public services: a literature review”

2021 Madrid

  • Renato Calhau Codá (University of Brasilia)
    for his paper: “Interactive value formation: exploring the literature on the dark side of the service experience from the perspective of value co-destruction (VCD)”
  • Saeed Mousa (Ph.D. student at Lille University)
    for his paper: “Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation: How industry 4.0 affects its social impact on education, labor and healthcare”

2019 Ceuta

  • Nikolay Chichkanov, National Research University Higher School of Economics, for the paper service and Knowledge Coproduction as an Innovation Driver in Knowledge-intensive Business Services
  • Birutė Vilčiauskaitė, Kaunas University of Technology, for the paper Rethinking of older talent’s re-careering trajectories in later life

2018 Gothenburg

  • Maria Raquel Sousa, from Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) / DINAMIA’CET-IUL, Portugal, for the paper »An ecoservices retro-feedback contribution to green economy«

2017 Bilbao

  • At this year’s conference, exceptionally, the RESER PhD’s Founders Award was not granted.

2016 Naples

  • Michael Becker and Stephan Klingner, Institut für Angewandte Informatik e.V, Germany, for their paper »Towards method fragments for service engineering«

2015 Copenhagen

  • Kirsy Hyytinen, from VTT, Finland, for her paper “Governance for collaborative development of service and system innovations«
  • Milena Jael Silva Morales from, Grenoble University, France, for her paper ,”L’innovation dans les services publics à l’aide des TICS dans le contexte des smart cities«

2014 Helsinki

  • Puneet Kaur, from Aalto University, Finland, for her paper: »Influencing user participant in Facebook-based brand communities«
  • Mareike Möhlmann, from Hamburg University, Germany, for her paper »Collaborative Consumption – Determinants of Satisfaction and the Likelihood of Using a Sharing Option Again«

2013 Aix en Provence

2012 in Bucharest (Romania)

  • Sen BAO, PHD student in VTT technical research center of Finland, for his paper »The Emerging Service Business in China – An Opportunity and a Challenge to Western Companies«
  • Shamim Bodhanya , PHD student UKZN , South Africa, for the paper »The Challenges of Service Provision and Economic Development in South Africa«, available in Amfiteatrueconomic Review,

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