Toivonen Marja

 Marja Toivonen-Noro

Reser Council Second circle

Research fields

“Practice-based innovation in services”, Elgar encyclopedia of services 2023, p 379-382

“Chinese culture and its impact on the service economy”,Elgar encyclopedia of services 2023, p 554-556, in collaboration with Sen Bao

Publications :

  • Gallouj F., Hyytinen K. m., Toivonen-Noro M., Sampsa Ruutur , Mika Nieminen (2015) «Evaluation of services linked to the sustainability: a dynamic and multi-criteria approach» Abstract : The purpose of this paper is to study the challenge of the evaluation in the context of the services in the sector of environment and energy. Because of the specific nature of service innovation the traditional evaluation methods and measures are not able to capture neither the diversity of the innovations nor the multifaceted dimensions of performance. This paper aims to contribute to the need for a more diverse evaluation approach. We study the use of multi-criteria and system dynamic perspectives in the evaluation of services, and we develop a new type of methodology to evaluate their dynamics and multifaceted performance.. . Read online.