Fragnière Emmanuel

 Emmanuel Fragnière

Director of the CAS HES-SO in Treasury Management

Reser Council Second circle


The SEM is cooperating with a network of national and international researchers in the development of common projects, research activities and publications. The SEM works on three broad thematic areas. • Consumer Behavior • Inclusive Services • Crisis Management

Research fields

Prof. Emmanuel Fragnière is the leader of the SERVICE ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT (SEM) research group at the Institute of Tourism (ITO) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valais-Wallis).



Publications :

  • ., Fragnière E., ., Nanchen B., Hannart, S., Moulin, N., Rullac, S., Weissbrodt, R., & Baudin, C. (2022). (2022) «Concevoir avec et pour les personnes en situation de handicap» .
  • Fragnière E., Dubosson, M., Meier, S. (2022). () «Early detection of human-related risks Digital Transformation» Read online.