General Assembly 2017

The RESER General Assembly 2017 took place during the annual 27th RESER conference in Bilbao, Organised by Business Faculty, Mondragon University, Congress Center Euskalduna, Bilbao on Saturday September 9th from 9:00 – 12:00.

Minutes General Assembly


  • Patrik Ström (University of Göteborg),
  • José Luis Navarro Espigales (Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves),
  • Annaflavia Bianchi (DESP university of Urbino),
  • Ida Gremyr (Chalmers),
  • Jan Bröchner (Chalmers University of Technology),
  • José Aureliano Martin Secura (University of Granada),
  • Pedro Costa (IISCTE-IUL Instituto Universitario de Lisboa)
  • Celine Merlin-Brogniart (University of Lille),
  • Metka Stare (Faculty of social sciences, university of Ljubljana),
  • Markus Scheuer (RWI Essen),
  • Tiziana Russo Spena (Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
  • Luis Rubalcaba (University of Alcala),
  • David Sanchez Bote (Mondragon University),
  • Lars Fulgsang (Roskilde University),
  • Estibaliz Hernandez Eleno (Mondragon University)
  • David Sanchez Bote (Mondragon University)
  • Council members excused:
    • Marie-Christine Monnoyer,
    • Maria Savona,
    • Luna Leoni,
    • Alexander Schletz,
    • Gisela di Meglio,
    • Laurentiu Tachiciu,Risto Rajala.

Facts discussed in the General Assembly

  • P. Ström thanked E. Hernandez and the rest of the organization team of 2017 Bilbao’s conference for their excellent work.
  • The 2017 Council Activity Report was presented
  • Discussion about this year Phd Colloquium: E. Hernandez mentioned the difficulty of mobilising students and make them apply for the award. Suggestion: Why not giving a special prize to people that come to the Doctorial colloquium?
  • About PhD Mobility Grant, Small Research Grant, Phd Grant: New forms for research Grants have to be discussed. The criteria and the application process need to be changed. The council has to make an effort to market the Grant and make it more attractive. The criteria for the Phd award must also be renewed (e.g. the oral presentation could be added in case of join-papers; a book that summarize the publications could be proposed).
  • About the Relation with REDLAS: The relation is really good, the decision to support the development of REDLAS was reaffirmed and the returns are good from a policy sight.
  • Discussion of how reconnected EU visibility: Possibility of being on different other conferences with a special session to spread the « Reser brand », e.g. the special session that was held within the Conference on Serviceology in Vienna.
  • Webpage Management: Alexander Schletz is the webmaster and works with Marie-Christine Monnoyer. If anyone has information to put on the website, it must be send to the Council.
  • Social media/network: For the 2017 RESER conference « #RESER2017 » has been tried but was not very active because people even don’t know the link was active. L. Leoni suggested that LinkedIn is not a good solution for social media, but social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) could be. Students have to take the lead of social media, the solution of Twitter could be dynamic, compared to website that are statics.
  • About financial account and budget approval: The situation is stable compared to last year. The main chapters have been renewed for next year. The budget was approved by the council members.
  • EU connections and collaborations: It would be useful if Council Members meet the Brussels 2020 commission to present Reser.
  • M. Stare proposed to invite other service research teams with which we have good relationships to the Göteborg conference and to make special sessions.
  • L. Rubalcaba informed the council that several of us are engaged in a new European project on public administration. There is a possibility for 2020 to make a join conference with Reser.
  • Upcoming conferences: 2018 Sweden Göteborg.
  • Next location proposal for RESER: A proposal was made for CEUTA (north of Marocco)
  • Publications: From this conference, we have to see whether there are papers in areas for a special issue. Other journals could be approached (ERSEM/ Innovations…)

Elections for new council members

  • Risto RAJALA leaves the Council,
  • Pedro COSTA and Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART have been re-elected.
  • Ida GREMYR, and Estibaliz HERNANDEZ have been elected.

Other questions

  • M. Stare: Reflection about the number of papers presented per workshop. Four papers is a good number to have time to discuss.

Authoress: Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART (Secretary)