Founders’ PhD Award winners of the RESER Conference in Alcalá

The RESER Founders’ Award First Prize of 400 EUR for the best paper by a young researcher has been awarded twice to:

  • Renato Calhau Codá (University of Brasilia)
    for his paper:
    »Interactive value formation: exploring the literature on dark side of the service experience from the perspective of value co-destruction (VCD)«
  • Saeed Mousa (PhD student at Lille University)
    for his paper:
    »Industry 4.0 and Social Innovation: How industry 4.0 affects its social impact on education, labor and healthcare«

Abstract of Renato’s paper:

In Interactive Value Formation (IVF), value is built in collaboration between the consumer and service provider, resulting in positive or negative experiences. At value co-creation, consumers and suppliers actively participate in the various phases of service production, personalizing their experiences. On the other hand, value co-destruction results from unbalanced participation between consumers and the company, which generates the misuse of resources. The main objective of this thesis is to deepen the knowledge of IVF, with a framework that covers all four levels (micro, meso, macro and mega) of tourism and hospitality ecosystem, describing the dynamics of co-creation and / or co-destruction between the different actors that compose it.

As methodological procedures, two stages defined will be composed by four constructs: use of information, resources integration, feedback and engagement. The first qualitative stage will include cases studies with semi-structured interviews and content analysis. On the second stage, QCA (Qualitative Comparative Analyzes) will be carried out in order to trace the sufficient and necessary conditions for value co-creation or co-destruction.

Alexander Schletz,

The main contribution of this thesis is to explore a service ecosystem, in the light of SDL (Service-Dominant Logic), that includes actors belonging to the tourism hospitality production chain and means of accommodation. Empirically, it expands the IVF study by making comparisons of the dyadic relationship consumer-provider at all levels of the ecosystem. At the end, it is intended to contribute to a better understanding of IVF in the experience between service providers and consumers, by building the path that leads to value co-creation or co-destruction. The novelty of the QCA technique for this type of analysis is highlighted. From managerial point of view, the result of this thesis assist in making strategic decisions that foster positive experiences of tourists / guests and minimize risks from experiences negative effects throughout its consumption journey.

A short video from Renato to his paper

Abstract of Renato’s paper:

Industry 4.0 as a tool of servitization in contemporary economies

Industry 4.0 and servitization are brought together to understand whether there is any interface between the two? Then, the challenges of servitization in the manufacturing sector is studied and checked to know whether industry 4.0 meets those challenges. As reflected in this review of the literature, the topics of Industry 4.0 and service innovation, particularly in the manufacturing sector are emerging topics that are still being defined by researchers. This research project therefore contributes to the existing knowledge by providing a more comprehensive understanding of the intersections between Industry 4.0, servitization/product service system in the manufacturing/industrial sector.

This proposed study is valuable for the field because it will expand current evidence on the association between servitization and Industry 4.0 by understanding the potential impact of Industry 4.0 on servitization within the manufacturing organizations. Understanding the potential role of Industry 4.0 on servitization and innovation within the manufacturing organizations is significant in understanding the potential developments that may be experienced within manufacturing organizations in the future. The proposed study may therefore potentially inform firms in how they may be impacted in Industry 4.0 based on its relation to innovation and servitization.

A short video from Saeed to his paper


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