A partnership contract between the Innovation Research network and RESER.


On avril 22, 2024 was signed a partnership contract between the Innovation Research network (RRI in french) and RESER. This partnership will be made visible to all participants at the RESER 2024 Congress, thanks to RRI’s responsibility for track 5 of the call for papers. 

The Innovation Research Network, a not-for-profit association promotes :

  • the development of knowledge about the information and knowledge society
  • intensify links between the worlds of research and business
  • analysing the ways in which companies appropriate innovation
  • setting up and implementing specific projects, providing assistance and advice
  • distributing books, journals (in written or electronic form), newsletters, and all types of publications related to the above aims.

The parties wish to develop cooperation in the authorized of joint events and publications on subjects relating to innovation and services.

The Parties have agreed to cooperate on the following type of events or activities (the following proposals are only examples):

  • – the possibility of organizing a special Reser session at RRi conferences (Innovation Forum, Printemps de l’innovation or other) and, conversely, a special RRI session at the annual Reser conference,
  • – the organisation (in English) of webinars, seminars, workshops, and even specific joint conferences,
  • – the possibility for Reser to have special issues in RRI journals (on a subject integrating innovation and services), after acceptance of calls for articles by the editorial boards of the journal(s) concerned.
  • – the dissemination of information on the Reser website for the RRI association and on the RRI website and newsletter for the Reser association as well as to the respective contacts,
  • – any other project proposed by the Steering Committee

Activities relating to the partnership will be conducted by a Steering Committee made up of :

For the RRI: Nessrine OMRANI, Professor at Paris School of Business, France.

For the Reser: Ida GREMYR, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.

For the general coordination: Céline MERLIN-BROGNIART, MCF at the University of Lille, France.