RESER Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 to Metka Stare

RESER Award 2018 to Metka Stare
Dr. Metka Stare, Research professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana received the Reser Lifetime achievement award in service research at the 28th RESER Conference in Gothenburg. She presented a keynote address about »Reflections on some challenges in service research and beyond« demonstrating her profound knowledge on multiple dimensions of service research.

Metka’s research spans from exploring the transformation of services in transition economies, service innovation and related innovation policy, the integration of services in trade and in global value chains to the role of services in the circular economy. The broadness of research areas enabled her to better comprehend the complexity of services role in economy and society and in establishing intense linkages with other activities.
She is a member of RESER since 1999, served as the secretary (2001-2008) and president (2008-2012).