Award 2016, Pierre Yves Léo and Jean Philippe (France)

Jean PHILIPPE and Pierre Yves LEO, have worked all their life together. This co working is really exceptionnal. First of all they were in a research team In Aix en Provence university devoted to spatial economy. But at the the early eigtees, they decided to focus their researches on services, at that time, it was really a challenge, but also the beginning of a very successfull story. As you can see in the aix en provence page, they were able to publish so many papers and books, but also to supervise a lot of thesis on the service subject.
Their interest for the students can be seen also in the attention they devoted to foreign students who , years after years have enlarged the community of CERGAM research team.
Now Jean Philippe, who has taught for many years in Vietnam, has decided to support vietnamese students…

Pierre Yves LEO and Jean PHILIPPE receiving their award from RESER’ President Patrik Ström, at the Naples conference.
Reser community was proud to honor these two researchers for their long life achievement!