Reser Council Activity Report 2018/2019

Composition of the Council

After 6 years of serving as president Patrik Ström has stepped down and left the Council. As farewell-gift to the association he has co-organized the 2018-conference in Gothenburg.

Vice-president Markus Scheuer has succeeded him as president.

Estibaliz Hernandez Eleno (Mondragon University) is the new vice-president,

Céline Merlin Brogniart (University of Lille) continues to be Reser-secretary,

Website editors are :

Marie Christine Monnoyer (Université de Toulouse 1) and

Alexander Schletz (Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart),

José Luis Navarro-Espigares (University of Granada), serves as treasurer,

The representative to Redlas is Maria Savona (SPRU, UK),

Luna Leoni (Roma University) cares about the representation of Reser in social media,

Further council members are:

Former Reser-secretary Pedro Costa (Lisbon University Institute),

Co-organizer of the conference in Gothenburg Ida Gremyr (Chalmers University of Technology),

Lars Fulgsang (Roskilde University), re-elected to the Council

Tiziana Russo Spena (University of Naples “Federico II”),

Gisela di Meglio (GM) (Universidad Complutense de Madrid,

Elected to the council at the General Assembly in Gothenburg was Liudmila Bagdonienė (School of Economics and Business, Kaunas University of Technology)

José Aureliano Martín Segura, (Professor at University of Granada and Institute of Ceuta Studies) as main organizer of the 2019 conference

Laurentiu Tachiciu (University of Bucharest) has left the Council at the end of his term.

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