Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (CERS HAS)

CERS HAS, Hungary is a multidisciplinary research institute network in Hungary. CERS HAS undertakes theoretical and empirical studies in the fields of national and world economics, in regional and urban processes, public policy, and other interdisciplinary fields of social sciences. The Centre employs more than 140 researchers including economists, sociologists, geographers, political scientists in Budapest (headquarter), Békéscsaba, Győr, Kecskemét and Pécs.

Research topics related to services

  • Financialization, peripheralization, uneven development
  • Business services and regional development
  • Services in the innovation process – innovation in services
  • Public services: efficiency, location and planning
  • Public administration and regional planning
  • Services and urban restructuring
  • Geography of retailing and consumption



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