Militão Luciana Oliveira

 Luciana Oliveira Militão

RESER Founders’ PhD Award, 2022

Reser Council Member: doctoral student representative

Faculté de sciences économiques et sociales - University of Lille

Research fields

Title of the thesis: The Multiple Actors of Public Service Co-production: A Holistic View of the Process

Supervisors: Josivania Silva Farias

University of Brasília, Laboratory of Studies and Research on Innovation and Services –

and Faïz Gallouj, Lille university, Clerse, France.

Date of the thesis defense:  February 2024

Winner of the 2022 Reser Founder’s award for her paper

“What is known about multiple actors in the co-production of public services: a literature review”



Publications :

  • Militão L. O., Baretta, Hoffmann, Farias () «"Coproduction, public sector innovation and governance: a systematic literature review", (2024),» this paper was presented at Reser 2022 conference. International Journal of Innovation Science.
  • Militão L. O., Josivania Silva Farias 2022 () «....about multiple actors in the co-production of public services» . Nb pages: 7.
  • Militão, L. O., Silveira, P. B., Leon, A. J. C., & Oliveira, L. P. S. (2020). The Consumer Claims, on-line Dispute Resolution and Innovation in the Public Administration: A Case Study of the Platform in Brazil During 2014-2019. Teoria e Prática em Administração, v. 10, p. 81-91.
  • Militão, L. O., Leon, A. J. C., Farias, J. S., & Demo, G. (2020). Revisión sistemática de artículos calificados con base en JCR y SJR: coproducción de servicios públicos entre1970-2018. Revista Escuela de Administración de Negocios – EAN, v. Edicao, p. 1-26.
  • Militão, L. O., Leon, A. J. C., Martins, I. M., Dias, G. A. F., Coda, R. C., & Farias, J. S. (2021). Network Co-production of Public Service: Interaction of Multiple Agents in Digital Platforms of the European Union and Brazil. In: 30th RESER International Congress & COVAL Conference – Proceedings in book of abstracts. Madrid: Universidad de Alcalá, v. 30. p. 94-94.