Bucharest, Romania, 20. - 22. September 2012

"Services and economic development: local and global challenges"

The Research Center in Business and its director Laurentiu Tächiciu, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania was in charge of the organisation of the 2012 Reser congress  around the theme: "Services and economic development: local and global challenges".

Night view of Bucharest,
the capital of Romania

Five sub themes were proposed to the participants :

  1. Services, spatial inequalities and territorial development: 25 papers
  2. Service-products systems and new value chains : 30 papers
  3. Service innovation ansd sustainable development : 32 papers
  4. Services of general interest and economic austerity : 21 papers
  5. Internationalization, trade and FDI in services:19 papers


For the first time an invited session was organised to improve links with researchers from relevant areas of research. A reflection about social innovation was proposed. Three researchers have accepted to put their paper on line :

  1. Heike Jacobsen from Brandenburg University of technology Cottbus (Germany)
  2. Josef Hochgerner from zentrum fü Soziale Innovation
  3. Jürgen Howaldt from Technische Universität Dortmund (Germany)
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