28. June 2016

Edited by Faïz Gallouj and Faridah Djellal,

All you want to know about service innovation


Service innovation is a young but prolific research field, with a rapidly increasing number of publications being dedicated to the area. This new title provides a collection of the most significant articles that have helped build and develop this subject from a theoretical, empirical and methodological perspective. Together with an original introduction by the editors, the 43 seminal papers, dating from 1986 to 2013, in this book address the key focuses of the subject, including the theories, nature and measurement of innovation in services, and other concerns, such as the role of knowledge intensive business services (KIBS) in client innovation.
 contributors include: C. Antonelli, W. Baumol, J. Bryson, P. Daniels, B. Edvardsson, I. Miles, L. Rubalcaba, J. Sundbo, M. Toivonen, P. Windrum, P. Wood.....
Edited by Faïz Gallouj, Faridah Djellal, RESER Members, Professors of Economics and members of CLERSE-CNRS, University of Lille 1 – Science and Technology, France
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