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is a research group in the Department of Economics, Business and Administration, University of Naples Federico II, Naples. Service innovation and management  are strategic research areas within the Department since its foundation.


Research area

The Group works in the two broad thematic areas of 1) service innovation and 2)management in service economy. We aim to bring academic rigour to the challenges of service society. Services are embedded in the development of the present society  and the emergence of new social, institutional and  technologies challenges create the need to look at different way to innovation.  The group has a particular focus on new perspectives which emphasize open and interactive processes, value co-creation, social and everyday activities as venues for innovation. Innovation needs a more holistic approach and the idea of practice-based innovation (PBI) is at the centre of group to provide a theoretical and empirical understanding of innovation as networking emergent and social process. The research area also focused on new forms of organising and carrying out economic activities in a service economy and on the role of Smart technologies in promoting the transformative power of service innovation.


our focus is on producing research outputs that are relevant to practitioners and which extend theory, all of which is grounded in a multi-discipline approach. Tree major interdisciplinary projects are currently being carried out by the groups:

–Practice based approach to service innovation: The research is carried out in projects in collaboration with firms and other international researchers and  aims to  look at ongoing and dynamic process  of innovating. The word  innovating is chosen to stress something that happens and not a result. Innovating’ means the system of on-going activities emerging by a multiciplity of interacting actors. Innovating depict the practices of  actors who participate in innovating by integrating/merging resources- including value, norms and institution-  to create and promoting the diffusion of something new and better. The project  takes a multidisciplinary perspective of analysis including service, management, social and cultural streams of research. The aim is to tackle different issues at the enablers and facilitators of innovating processes in a social context of innovation.

–New market creation  

- High Technology District for Cultural Heritage (DaTaBenc project) is a funded project started at the end of the 2011 promoted by National Government  to give a strategic support to cultural and environmental heritage in Campania, a region in Southern Italy. The project aims to promote the culture as creative engine for the development and viability of  local and regional innovation systems.


Research network

The group cooperates with a network of national and international researchers in the development of common projects, research activities and publications.

National network includes collaboration with:

·       University of Salerno- Department of Business Administration·  

National network includes collaboration with:

·       University of Salerno- Department of Business Administration


The group organizes work individually, in teams and through workshops. Since the 1999 the group organized and host the Naples forum on Service -  a two year international conference to support dialogue on service which across disciplines and research interest. The strategy research group is highly active in presenting at the major international conferences and its members’ position in research is recognized with various articles published in leading international journals.


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Tiziana Russo Spena

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics, Management, Institutions
University of Naples Federico II
Via Cinthia Monte S. Angelo
80126 Naples

P. +39 081675070



Department of Economics, Management, Insitution- Campus Monte Sant'Angelo Naples



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