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HUNGARY, Budapest,Kopint-Tárki

Éva Palócz, has long experiences in analyzing the characteristic of the service sector as well as the economic impacts of research and development. Over the past years she prepared several empirical and analytical studies on the service sector. These were focused on specific aspects of the service sector, e.g. reasons for, and consequences of, contracting out of service activities, SMEs in the service sector, trade and FDI in services etc. She and her colleagues also prepared international comparisons of the Hungarian service sector, mainly with the neighboring countries.


  • Palócz,É (2006): The Paradox of the Reaction to the Service Directive: Paper presented on the Conference
    „Beyond Homogeneity”, organized by the Center for EU Enlargement Studies on the 9th of February 2006 CEU , Budapest p 17-24.
  • Palócz,É.- Kovács,Z.A. (2006): The promotion of the Hungarian service export (methods and branches). (Hungarian). On the commission of the Ministry of Economy and Transport. Budapest, July 2006.
  • Palócz,É. (2005): The potential impacts of the Service Directive on the Internal Market of the EU on the Hungarian service market (Hungarian). Prepared on the commission of the National Development Office. Budapest, June 2005.
  • Palócz,É. (2005) Business services in Hungary (English). No. 68. Discussion Papers of KOPINT-DATORG. Bp.: KOPINT-DATORG, 2005. - 36 p; 30 cm. Bibliogr.: 34-36. p. ISSN 1216-0725 ISBN 963-7260-03-X
  • Palócz, É.-Hamar, J. (2004): The actual situation of business services in Hungary, proposals for an operational strategy and the development policy with a special regard to small- and medium enterprises (Hungarian). Budapest, Kopint-Datorg, 2004. Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Transport
  • Palócz,É.- Borszéki,Zs. (2002).: The position and the role of services trade in the Hungarian external strategy. (Hungarian). Bp. KOPINT-DATORG. 2002.- 71p., 29cm. Prepared on the commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Palócz,É. (2001): Employment potential of the service sector, with special regard to the role of informatics in employment. (Hungarian) – MKIK-GVI July 2001, Sponsored by the OFA (State Employment Agency)
  • Palócz,É.(1998): Foreign Direct Investment in the service sector in a transition economy. Paper presented at the 8. Annual Conference of RESER, Berlin 8-10 Oct. 1998.
Éva Palócz and Kopint-Tárki were in charge of RESER conference 2009 in Budapest.
  • General Director Dr. Éva Palócz Kopint-Tárki Ltd, H-1112 Budapest, Budaőrsi út 45, (36-1)309-26-95 E
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